Health & Environment

Informing the Design of Safer Chemistries

Our goal is to apply environmental health sciences and public health principles to improve the assessment of chemical risks and advance the design of safer chemistries.

Developing New Methods

Through advances in toxicology, we can more efficiently identify risks posed by synthetic chemicals and pollutants, speeding chemical assessment and the development of safer alternatives.

Assessing Safety

Creating safe jobs and healthy communities demands a better understanding of the relationship between exposure and disease, as well as new prevention and remediation strategies to protect public health, ecosystems, and the environment. "Clean technologies" only fulfill their promise if they are safer for workers and reduce environmental contamination.

Creating a new publicly available database of matierials to aid in better chemical design.

Pathways to Breast Cancer: PDF report

Health & Environment Associate Director: Dr. Megan Schwarzman, COEH, School of Public Health