Course Materials 2013



Download the syllabus [PDF].


Slides presented during the Spring 2013 course are provided below.


Download the list of readings [PDF].


For several of the classes, students were given assignments to prepare before class.  These assignments are presented below, along with the final paper assignment given at the end of the course.


The students formed interdisciplinary groups to conduct course projects that constituted the majority of the course grade. Presented below are: (1) the Project Overview introducing the class project, (2)  Posters and reports from the projects conducted by the students in the class.  (All files are in PDF format.)

  1. Project Overview
  2. Project Posters
    1. The Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Solid Waste in California (Poster) (Report)
    2. How Does Electricity Generated from Woody Biomass Fit into California's Energy Future? (Poster) (Report)
    3. What is the Viability of Cellulosic Ethanol as an Alternative to Fossil Fuels in today's Economy? (Poster) (Report)
    4. Higher-Order Alcohols as Biofuels: An Interdisciplinary Examination (Poster) (Report)
    5. Thermochemical Processing of Digested Sludge and its Implications in the United States (Poster) (Report)